Mobile Water and Wastewater Systems

Overview: Mobile Water and Wastewater Systems

With a wealth of knowledge gained from modularizing complicated structures and providing improved Mobile Water and Wastewater Systems, Continental Carbon Group can handle the varied chemical and properties of source water. The fluctuating quality of source water from rivers, lakes, or wells requires customized procedures involving technologies such as air stripping, ultrafiltration (UF), reverse osmosis (RO), ultraviolet (UV), chemical treatment, disinfection, aeration, iron removal, and more in Continental Carbon Group’s decentralized mobile water and wastewater systems.


Temporary equipment serves as a safety measure against potential disruptions, particularly in critical operations such as power plants, mine water facilities, and refineries. In the event of unforeseen incidents like equipment failures or impending water shortages, mobile wastewater treatment systems offer a rapid-response solution. Whether interruptions stem from emergency repairs or scheduled maintenance, they pose a risk of revenue loss or non-compliance with discharge regulations.

Utilizing mobile units for treatment minimizes resource commitments, facilitates easier installation, reduces operating costs, lessens environmental impact, and allows for the testing of trial solutions before making full-scale investments. These systems may also encompass electrical, piping, and asset management components based on the specific process flow.

Hydration Wherever You Go

Discover the convenience and reliability of mobile potable water units. These compact systems provide on-the-go access to safe and drinkable water, ideal for remote locations, emergency situations, or events. With advanced purification technology, they ensure water quality meets standards, offering peace of mind wherever you go. Whether for disaster relief, outdoor adventures, or temporary setups, mobile potable water units deliver essential hydration solutions with efficiency and ease.


  • Media Services
  • From authorized and accredited extraction to replacement and delivery, Continental Carbon Group offers a comprehensive range of services to maintain your media and membrane solutions at optimal performance levels. Rely on the expertise of the professionals who constructed your systems to assist you in their ongoing operation.

  • Rental Delivery
  • Whether you require temporary bridging, emergency or supplementary solutions, or a prolonged system deployment, Continental Carbon Group offers flexible options that mitigate the necessity for significant capital investment.

  • Project Services
  • Continental Carbon offers effective turnkey solutions for all clients. We guarantee our work and our high-performance quality media, help you through regulatory compliance and permitting, design a custom solution for your site, all while you leverage our carbon buying power. Our experienced staff navigates through the bidding process, ensuring the design, installation and maintenance are done right, on time and on budget.

  • Parts and Customer Experience
  • Count on Continental Carbon Group for all your post-purchase requirements. Our teams possess the expertise and tools necessary to efficiently cater to your needs. There’s no substitute for the quality of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) service. Whatever you require, we are at your service.

Water Solutions on the Move

Discover the convenience of our innovative mobile water and wastewater system. Engineered for efficiency and sustainability, our solution brings clean water to any location, anytime. Designed to adapt to diverse environments, our mobile water and wastewater systems ensures reliable water treatment on the move, making it ideal for emergency response, remote locations, and temporary installations. Experience the convenience of portable water solutions without compromising on quality or environmental stewardship.


  • Fulfill various water and wastewater needs for several populations, from standardized systems for resorts to solutions for residential developments.
  • Utilize modular configurations that accommodate different treatment technologies.
  • Offer a cost-effective approach to expand the capacity of existing water treatment plants.
  • Self-contained system design used to construct solutions created to endure extreme conditions.
  • Implement scalable solutions, allowing incremental additions of units as needed.