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We are specialists in Air and Water Treatment

Services, Products and Expertise in the Water & Wastewater Treatment Industry

Continental Carbon Group offers a wide range of products, services and expertise in the water and wastewater treatment industry. Our dedicated and resourceful team of engineering, project management and field service staff provide our customers with high quality solutions and services in these key areas:
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Water/Wastewater Treatment Plant Filter Upgrade Services

Filter change-out services, media supply/installation/disposal, under-drain retrofits


Activated Carbon Odour Control Systems

Advanced H2S removal systems; compact, modular systems for treating air flows from 200 CFM up to 30,000 CFM; passive systems for point-source odour control at manholes and vent stacks; GAC/media supply and installation for odour control vessel change-outs.

Water Filtration CCG Continental Carbon

On-site Temporary Water Treatment Systems and Services

Filtration vessel rental, media supply, system design and setup, field services.

Our History

Continental Carbon Group, Inc. (CCG) is a privately held company with offices in Hamilton, Ontario and Columbus, Ohio. The company specializes in the supply of filtration equipment and media for both municipal and industrial clients across North America for water, wastewater, vapor phase and odour control treatment applications. CCG employs over 30 people in roles including engineering, project management, technical services, sales, and administration. In addition, CCG specializes in services for filter change out and exchanges, filter upgrades and replacements at municipal water and wastewater treatment facilities, treatment systems for industrial process water/wastewater, as well as PET pharmacies and universities.

In 2014, CCG acquired the assets of Calgon Carbon Corporation’s odour control business segment, which had been in existence for over 30 years.The core focus of this division is the supply of equipment and adsorption media for treating hydrogen sulfide odours at wastewater plants, pumping and lift stations across North America. In addition to municipal odour control applications, CCG also designs and manufactures air filtration systems for industrial treatment applications (containment and indoor air quality, C/IAQ). In 2017, CCG acquired the assets of Calgon Carbon Corporation’s C/IAQ business segment, formerly known as Barnebey Sutcliffe, which had been in existence for over 50 years. Barnebey Sutcliffe was a pioneer in the Bag-in/Bag-out, Containment, business starting in the early 1950’s. CCG has access to a wide range of activated carbons and other filtration media to meet the specific treatment requirements for these applications.

Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA)

Continental Carbon Group is a well-equipped to provide a turnkey ECA approved filtration system(s) to deal with any type of contaminated water for discharging effluent water on site anywhere across the Province of Ontario.

ECA Approval

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