Compact Biofilters

Overview: Compact Biofilters

Our compact biofilters offer a cost-effective solution, serving as passive filters or easily transitioning to active mode with a cover and fan addition. They can operate in parallel for increased airflow and optionally incorporate a controlled surface irrigation system. Designed for treating medium waste air streams from pump and lifting stations, as well as smaller enclosed spaces in wastewater treatment facilities, landfills, and food or chemical processing plants.

CCG Stand Alone Biofilters

Continental Carbon Group Stand-Alone Biofilter Series: These self-contained units offer immediate odor control with easy installation. Made from corrosion-resistant high-density polyethylene (HDPE), each filter comes pre-filled with our proprietary bps BT-50/BT-100 Biofilter Material and connects effortlessly to waste air sources via flange connections.

Active Stand-Alone Biofilters come equipped with detachable covers, fans, timer-controlled irrigation systems, and user-friendly control panels. Installation is simplified with pre-wired irrigation systems and fans for swift setup. Contractors only need to supply 120V power, freshwater, a drain line, and connect the waste air to the flange. Get your Stand-Alone Biofilter installed and up and running in just one day.