Odour Control System

Continental Carbon Group’s DEEP BED OCU systems are pre-engineered granular activated carbon adsorption systems. Typical applications are found in many municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities where there is a need to control odours, control volatile organic compound emissions, remove toxic compounds, or minimize equipment corrosion. These modular units are designed to provide a cost-effective odour removal solution with ease of installation and operation.

The DEEP BED OCU system consists of fiberglass (FRP) adsorbers, granular activated carbon, dampers, fan, and motor assembly, and interconnecting FRP ductwork from fan to the adsorber. They are available in seven standard models, capable of handling air flows from 2,100 CFM to 17,000 CFM. The DEEP BED OCU system is available in two configurations: single carbon bed adsorber or dual carbon bed adsorber. Dual carbon bed adsorbers can treat double the air flow of their single bed counterpart while minimizing the required floorspace. To handle even larger flows, multiple units can be installed in parallel. Typical carbon bed depth is three feet (3.0’)

The DEEP BED OCU system is shipped ready for quick and easy installation. The items required by the operator to complete the installation are electrical connections to the fan motor, an appropriately sized foundation, and ductwork to deliver the contaminated air to the fan inlet. In single bed systems, the contaminated air flows upflow through the carbon bed. In dual bed systems, the contaminated air flows upflow through the top carbon bed, and downflow through the bottom carbon bed.

The DEEP BED OCU system is designed for use with a variety of activated carbons, including Continental Carbon Group’s CENTAUR HSV activated carbon. The DEEP BED OCU system’s materials of construction and inlet nozzle blind flange allow for in-situ water washing of the CENTAUR HSV to restore H2S removal capacity.


The DEEP BED OCU system can be used in a variety of odour applications. It can be used as a single stage system with CENTAUR HSV for low to moderate levels of H2S removal (roughly up to 20 ppm). It can be filled with conventional carbon for odorous organic compound/VOC removal. It can also be coupled with other systems and/or technologies to form an Integrated System for total odour elimination.