SweetStreet® Manhole Odour Control Module

SweetSweet® is an odour control product meant exclusively for use in sewer manholes. The unique design of SweetStreet® allows it to fit within the manhole itself. Once the manhole cover is replaced, SweetStreet® is completely out of sight. SweetStreet® is a two-part assembly. The manhole insert fits down within the manhole. SweetStreet® uses a stepped design that allows the housing to be cut to fit the exact size of the manhole. The carbon module holds 20 pounds of CENTAUR® HSV catalytic activated carbon.

SweetStreet® Manhole Odour Control Module


SweetStreet uses the positive pressure generated inside the sewer line to push the contaminated air up through the unit. The odorous compounds are absorbed by the CENTAUR HSV carbon, allowing clean air to vent through the top of the SweetStreet and the manhole cover into the atmosphere. The pressure surges within the sewer are sufficient to overcome the pressure drop across the carbon bed.  When odour breakthrough occurs, only the carbon needs to be replaced. Refill bags of CENTAUR® HSV carbon are available from Continental Carbon Group.


  • Passive System
  • All-Plastic Construction
  • Unique “Stepped” Housing


  • System has no moving parts and requires no water or electricity
  • Reliable, non-corrosive construction ensures years of service
  • Allows system to be cut to fit virtually any size manhole
  • Stable operation able to treat uneven loadings and spikes without breakthroughs


  • Mini: Fits manholes from 16″ to 23″ in diameter
  • Even: Fits manholes from 24″ to 36″ in diameter
  • Odd: Fits manholes from 25″ to 37″ in diameter
  • Carbon Capacity: 20 pounds
  • Carbon Type: CENTAUR® HSV