Biofilter Products

CCG Biofilter Products

Discover the ideal solution for remote areas: Our compact biofilters require no electricity or water connection. Specifically designed as passive systems, they efficiently treat small air streams contaminated with hydrogen sulfide and organic odors from sewer manholes, vent pipes, and air release valves. Perfect for off-grid locations, these biofilters operate without maintenance for years. Say goodbye to odor complaints without the hassle of upkeep. Experience the most economical and sustainable odor control option for remote sites.

Compact Biofilters

Our compact biofilters are turn-key, circular stand-alone units for airflow rates of 50-300cfm. They are designed for medium sized applications such as pump and lift stations or other smaller areas that need ventilation. The biofilters can be operated as passive or as active biofilters with a fan and irrigation system.


Modular Biofilters Systems

Our modular container biofilter systems represent fully autonomous biofiltration solutions, engineered to purify substantial waste air streams ranging from 300 to 10,000 cubic feet per minute (cfm) across a spectrum of applications with biodegradable odors. These filters arrive pre-assembled, facilitating swift and straightforward on-site installation for immediate operation.


Today, we are delighted to present an array of hassle-free, low-maintenance passive biofilter products tailored for tackling H2S and odor hot spots at manholes, vent pipes, and force main air release valves. For more extensive odor control requirements at lift stations, pump stations, wastewater treatment plant headworks, biosolids handling, or other municipal and industrial settings, we’ve developed our line of compact and modular biofilters. These solutions are effortlessly installed and demand minimal upkeep.