Weir Tanks & Clarifiers

Rent a Weir Tank for onsite Water Collection, Separation & Haul-Away

Continental Carbon Group offers the best Weir Tanks on the market for rent. Featuring a solid steel construction, and your choice of several tank capacities, our weir tanks are the best solution to managing your on-site wastewater needs. Get peace of mind with a weir tank rental from Continental Carbon.

Weir Tanks

Weir tanks offer a simple solution to onsite water management.

  • Water can be pumped in, and suspended solids drop to the bottom
  • We take care of delivery and setup so it’s ready to use when you need it
  • We can haul away the water for you once the tank is full

10,000 Gallon Weir Tanks

Our 10,000 gallon weir tanks offer an easy, efficient solution for your wastewater needs. Our tanks help remove suspended solids, contaminants, and more. Continental Carbon can help you throughout the process, and when your tank is full, we can even haul away the water for you.

We also offer...

18,000 Gallon Weir Tanks
  • Over and under internal weirs
  • Safety stairway and platform with guardrail system on top of tank
  • Constructed on chassis and axles – easily transported
  • Four 22 inch Manway hatches
  • Individual flip lids to allow for visual inspections
20,000 Gallon Weir Tanks
  • Over and under weir process
  • Residence time varies – a flow rate of 50 gallons per minute (190 Litres/min) allows for a residence time of six hours
  • Floating contaminants are removed in the 1st compartment, heavier solids are removed in the 2nd compartment prior to the over weir
  • Ability to filter particle size 50 NTU’s/225 microns
Weir Tanks and Clarifiers CCG Water

CCG – Lamella Tanks

Lamella Settlement Tanks

CCG Settlement Tanks are high performance and rapidly deployable mobile Lamella Settlement Units. When suspended within water, these units are continuously removing and storing the solids effectively. If used at their typical operating range under gravity alone, the units can capture 95% of mineral-based silica particles down to 18 microns in diameter; along with a small proportion of the finer sized fractions in suspension. Available in a variety of sizes, all have a large treatment capacity and effective settlement area within a relatively small footprint due to the innovative and efficient utilisation of inclined lamella plates. Being fully modular in design, they can be linked in parallel together for larger flows or as part of CCG modular system, creating fully flexible solutions that can cope with great treatment variations within each application.

Main Advantages:

  • Up to 20 times more efficient than conventional settlement tanks
  • Large treatment capacity in a minimal site footprint
  • Manufactured off-site and supplied as a complete unit
  • Rapidly deployable and easy to operate
  • No moving parts
  • No power supply required
  • Can be used with chemical dosing to improve settling rates
  • Skid-mounted, lightweight, and compact for ease of transportation and installation
  • Robust design suitable for harsh environments
  • Seamlessly links together with other CCG products should multiple pollutants require processing

Typical Applications


General Construction Activities, Earthworks Movements, Civil Engineering, Open Excavations, Topsoil Stripping, Well-point Dewatering, Culvert Cleaning, Tunnelling, Drilling, Borehole, Coffer Dams, Ground Water, Trenching


Raw Water Treatment, Dissolved Metals, Mining, Vegetable and Fruit Washing, Industrial Cleaning, Food & Drinks Manufacture, Distilleries, Metals Finishing, Recycling/Leachate

Weir Tanks Water Continental Carbon Group
Weir Tanks Water Continental Carbon Group
Weir Tanks Water Continental Carbon Group