OC-300 Organoclay Media


CCG’s OC-300 is part of a series of selective water treatment adsorbents remove anionic compounds including phosphates and nitrates upon contact. Extensive field application and laboratory analysis has shown OC-300 is capable of removing a wide range of anionic contaminants to non-detectable levels. The resulting discharge water meets or exceeds typical regulatory requirements. This media is a 8 x 14 mesh zeolite impregnated with Naphthalkonium chloride.


For treatment of anionic contaminants. The media can also be used as a stand-alone treatment process or upstream of other filtration processes and media such as reverse osmosis, activated carbon and resins.


Media Type: Granular

Active Ingredient: Quaternary Amine

Substrate: Zeolite

Cation Exchange Capacity: Yes

Active Media by Volume: 100%

Bulk Density: 57-59 lbs/ ft³

Lbs of Active Media (per ft³): 57-59


  • Does not swell when exposed to water
  • Prolongs life of activated carbon and resins, reducing costs and increasing efficiency
  • Has more active product per cubic foot than other blended organophilic clays
  • Cost effective and environmentally sound technology
  • Part of a series of products; can be used at full strength or custom-blended