OC-100 Organoclay Media


CCG’s OC-100 is part of a series of selective water treatment adsorbents which is a molecular sieve of zeolite. This particular zeolite is called clinoptilolite. CCG offers the OC-100 in two standard U.S. Tyler screen mesh sizes, 4 x 6 and 6 x 8. The molecular ration of silicon to aluminum is 4.9. The bulk density of the material is 49-51 pounds per cubic foot. The hardness on the Mohs Scale is 4.0 and the specific surface area is 40 squaremeters per gram. The material is thermally stable to 650 degrees Celsius and is stable at pH’s as 1.0 and as high as 13.0.


For treatment of sediments. The media can also be used as a stand-alone treatment process or upstream of other filtration processes and media such as reverse osmosis, activated carbon and resins.


Media Type: Granular

Active Ingredient: Quaternary Amine

Substrate: Zeolite

Cation Exchange Capacity: Yes

Active Media by Volume: 100%

Bulk Density: 49-51 lbs/ ft³

Lbs of Active Media (per ft³): 49-51


  • Does not swell when exposed to water
  • Prolongs life of activated carbon and resins, reducing costs and increasing efficiency
  • Has more active product per cubic foot than other blended organophilic clays
  • Cost effective and environmentally sound technology
  • Part of a series of products; can be used at full strength or custom-blended