Continental Carbon Group acquires Barnebey Sutcliffe line of Containment/Indoor Air Quality (CIAQ) systems

DECEMBER 2017 - Continental Carbon Group has acquired the Barnebey Sutcliffe line of Containment/Indoor Air Quality (CIAQ) systems from Calgon Carbon Corporation. Please contact CCG for CIAQ equipment, parts, service and replacement carbon. The CIAQ division will remain in the Columbus, Ohio area and will continue to offer the quality equipment and services that the Barnebey Sutcliffe name has been known for over the past several decades.
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Customers throughout North America agree that Continental Carbon Group offers a valuable combination of products, services and expertise in the air and water treatment industries. In addition to being exceptionally strong in each of these critical areas, we are also known for having talented, resourceful professionals and skilled, dedicated crews – all of whom share a keen understanding of the responsibility we have for ensuring our customer’s satisfaction and protecting the environment.


What Is Activated Carbon?

Carbon is the earth's most abundant element. The most common sources of carbon are coal, coconut shell, wood, peat, and lignite. Coal, coconut shell and wood are the principal raw materials used in the manufacture of activated carbons.

The raw materials that Continental Carbon Group uses for activated carbon are carefully selected and then processed at temperatures of 200° - 300° C to remove natural volatile, components and residual moisture levels. This is the initial "carbonization" stop. Next, the carbonized raw material is heated at extreme temperatures for 900° - 1,000° C. The resulting activated carbon is a powerful adsorbent with an internal core structure having sizes of nuclear dimensions.

A teaspoon of activated carbon has a surface area equivalent to that of a football field. This vast internal surface are is what gives activated carbon its unique ability to adsorb a wide range of compounds from both the gas and liquid phases.

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We carry a wide range of media for air and water filtration.

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Our skilled crews perform filter media change-outs to AWWA standards...

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CCG manufactures specialized products for treating odors

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We have a large inventory of vessels for your air or water filtration needs

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