Liquid Vessels


CCG-T series filters are designed to treat liquid streams in a wide variety of adsorption applications. The modular design enables the units to easily fit into a wide variety of installations. Standard features include steel construction with epoxy internal coat-ing, efficient internal collector array, forklift skid and lifting eyes.

A wide variety of options and contact medias are available.

Standard Model Shown – Detailed Submittal Drawings Available

CCG-T Series Standard Specifications

Model NumberCCG-500-TCCG-1000-TCCG-2000-TCCG-3000-TCCG-5000-TCCG-10000-TL10
Overall Height5'11"7'2"8'6"8'11"9'11"10'9"15'10"
Process Connection2" FNPT2" FNPT4" FNPT4" FNPT4" FNPT6" FLNG8" FLNG
Typical GAC Fill (28# / FT³)500 lbs1,000 lbs2,000 lbs3,000 lbs5,000 lbs10,000 lbs20,000 Lbs
Shipping Weight (empty)350 lbs535 lbs1,020 lbs1,525 lbs2,490 lbs3,800 lbs7,250 Lbs
Operational Weight1,700 lbs3,300 lbs6,800 lbs10,700 lbs17,900 lbs31,200 lbs68,400 Lbs
Optimal Water Flows at standard conditions8-25 GPM10 to 35 gpm15 to 70 gpm25 to 120 gpm35 to 165 gpm60 to 300 gpm100 to 480 gpm
Available Bed Volume20 FT335 FT375 FT3117 FT3196 FT3400 FT3780 FT3
Maximum Pressure 75 PSIG75 PSIG75 PSIG75 PSIG75 PSIG75 PSIG75 PSIG
Maximum Vacuum 8” Hg28” Hg28” Hg28” Hg28” Hg28” Hg28” Hg

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