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Water treatment for municipal and industrial underground water

Iron, manganese, and other contaminants are commonly found in well or underground water. For municipalities and industrial sites, these need to be removed to be compliant with environmental guidelines and bylaws before they are discharged to the environment.

For over 30 years, Ozogram has been using specialized filtration called Catalytic oxidation process with Greensand Catalytic filters using ANSI/NSF and AWWA standard approved media for the removal of contaminants. This process is economical and requires less operation cycles, as well as allows for higher flow rates.

Today, Ozogram is part of the Continental Carbon Group. Together, we offer local Quebec expertise, custom and off shelf solutions, quality media, and expert installation and maintenance services for the construction and industrial sectors, as well as municipalities.

Catalytic oxidation process removes:

  • IRON


  • Extends filter runs
  • Cuts operating costs
  • Generates higher flow rates
  • Eliminates permanganate soaking
  • Reduces plant capital cost
  • Smaller footprint
  • Less water required for backwash

About Ozogram & Founder:

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