High Flow VENTSORB® Emission Control Unit


Continental Carbon Group’s High Flow VENTSORB® (HFVS) emission control units were developed to utilize granular activated carbon to treat air/vapor containing vollatile organic compounds (VOC), acid gases, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and other contaminant emissions from a variety of applications at industrial and commercial sites. There are four sizes available to treat airflows up to 3,000 cfm in a single system. These units are designed to allow selection of the optimum size to economically solve air treatment needs and are constructed with features that allow for ease of installation and operation.

The HFVS units are available in four canister sizes: 500 cfm, 1,000 cfm, 2,000 cfm, and 3,000 cfm. The units are constructed of carbon steel with an internal epoxy lining and external coating.

Features and Benefits:

  • Easy to install – the HFVS is fitted with fork- lift provisions for ease of off-loading and positioning near the emission source.
  • Ready touse – The units are delivered preloaded with granulated active carbon (GAC) to minimize labor costs for set-up.
  • Available with a fan and skid for a complete adsorption system.
  • Optimum design – the HFVS units are designed to optimize the amount of GAC installed in each unit taking into consideration the airflow requirements, available space, and low system pressure drop.
  • Reusable unit – When the GAC in the HFVS is spent and cannot remove additional contaminants, it can be easily removed and refilled using the large 20" diameter man-way installed in the top of the unit.
  • Corrosion resistant – The HFVS units are constructed of epoxy lined and painted carbon steel with a stainless steel bed support.
  • Effective treatment of a wide variety of contaminants – the HFVS can be filled with different types of GAC to provide treatment tailored to your specific requirements.
  • Continuous treatment – the HFVS unit works 24 hours per day to remove contaminants from air emissions regardless of fluctuations of air flow rate.
  • Flexibility to meet a variety of needs– The HFVS unit requires relatively little space. When necessary, the units can be installed side by side then piped for either series or parallel operation. If higher flows or high concentrations of contaminates are involved, Continental Carbon Group’s larger HECA or HDB units should be considered.
  • Purchase or lease options are available.


Continental Carbon Group is constantly striving to improve its products and capabilities and to provide the best product to it customers.

Continental Carbon Group may from time to time develop product improvements or alterations (including, without limitation,

revisions to product specifications), and may implement such Product Improvements without notice to the Buyer.

Making Air Safer and Cleaner


Wet activated carbon removes oxygen from air, causing a severe hazard to workers inside carbon vessels. Confined space/low

oxygen procedures should be put in place before any entry is made. Such procedures should comply with all applicable local,

state and federal guidelines.

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