Granular Activated carbon Filter – type FV


Designed to fit containment housings, the Type FV-Activated Carbon Adsorber provides high-efficiency, single-pass filtration of gaseous contaminants from nuclear power or medicine ventilation air streams, laboratories working with mercury and heavy metal compounds, military and government installations providing destruction, testing or collective protection from chemical warfare agents, and any facility utilizing extremely hazardous chemicals.

Carbon types available include coconut shell, coal, and wood-based products, as well as a large variety of specialty impregnated carbons. The adsorbers can be customized to remove radioactive gases, mercury vapors, acid gases, organic vapors, odors, and various other contaminants.

The Type FV-Bed Adsorber is designed with either a 1"-or 2"-thick carbon bed arranged in a V-Bank configuration. This design allows high airflow, low pressure drop, and even distribution of the process airstream across the carbon bed. Adsorber frames are constructed of T-304 stainless steel, carbon steel, or plastic. The adsorbers are designed for use in the “CM” Series Gasket Seal Bag-ln/Bag-Out Housing, or the “KE” Series Knife-Edge (Gel) Seal Bag-ln/ Bag-Out Housing.

These adsorbers are manufactured under stringent quality control procedures. Each adsorber is filled, tested and packaged in accordance with lEST Recommended Practice. Each adsorber is tested in accordance with this standard to ensure a minimum mechanical efficiency of 99.9% prior to shipment.

Continental Carbon Group offers unparalleled support for your spent adsorbers through our field and waste management services, including spent carbon recycling or incineration. We can uniquely assist you from media selection to the removal of expended filters. We also offer on-site filter exchange as well as shipment to off-site service centers with quick turnaround of your filters.


• Minimum chemical removal efficiency of 99.9% when tested in accordance with IEST-RP-CC008.2.

• Available in several standard sizes.

• Can be filled with the appropriate adsorbent to capture any contaminant.

• Available DMMP testing (war gas equivalent) for extremely critical military and government applications.

Continental Carbon Group is constantly striving to improve its products and capabilities and to provide the best product to it customers.

Continental Carbon Group may from time to time develop product improvements or alterations (including, without limitation,

revisions to product specifications), and may implement such Product Improvements without notice to the Buyer.

Making Air Safer and Cleaner


Wet activated carbon removes oxygen from air, causing a severe hazard to workers inside carbon vessels. Confined space/low

oxygen procedures should be put in place before any entry is made. Such procedures should comply with all applicable local,

state and federal guidelines.

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