Granular Activated Carbon Filter – Cassettes


Continental Carbon Group’s cassette (BSC) filters are designed to fit a wide range of traditional cassette housings. All cassettes may be filled with any of our over 100 choices of granular activated carbons as your application warrants. The BSC is designed to deliver years of trouble- free service and can be refilled numerous times. The frame can handle airflows up to 2,000 cfm with minimal pressure drop. BSC’s are typically used for indoor air purification applications in commercial HVAC systems for:

  • Air purification for semiconductor production areas.
  • Corrosion protection for valuable electronic equipment.
  • Noxious fumes removal.
  • Museums, depositories, historical archives, or other high-value storage facilities.
  • Removing off-gassing from new carpet and other building materials.

Cells are constructed of incinerable/recyclable plastic, stainless steel, painted steel, or galvanized steel. The modules can be made in half size to be retrofitted into existing housings or customized for specific applications. Front and side access housings are also available. Each cassette has built-in tracks that enable quick and easy installation and removal of the cells. Continental Carbon Group offers the widest available variety of adsorbents in the market for removal of any contaminant. With the help of our technical sales department, you can be assured the best performance available for your application. CCG offers unparalleled support for your spent adsorbers through our field and waste management services, including spent carbon recycling or incineration. We can uniquely assist you from media selection to the removal of filters.


  • Custom sizes are available
  • Material of construction
  • UL 900

Continental Carbon Group is constantly striving to improve its products and capabilities and to provide the best product to it customers.

Continental Carbon Group may from time to time develop product improvements or alterations (including, without limitation,

revisions to product specifications), and may implement such Product Improvements without notice to the Buyer.

Making Air Safer and Cleaner


Wet activated carbon removes oxygen from air, causing a severe hazard to workers inside carbon vessels. Confined space/low

oxygen procedures should be put in place before any entry is made. Such procedures should comply with all applicable local,

state and federal guidelines.

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