Gravel Media


CCG’s Filter Gravel is highly spherical shaped media that promotes good flow and even distribution in support beds. Gravel is low in soluble impurities and it will maintain the quality of the treated water, especially in softeners. Three inch layers are recommended in graded support beds. Gravel of all ranges from 2 1/2 X 1 1/2 to 1/8 X 1/6 can be provided. All physical properties of gravel are similar to silica except the mesh size, uniform coefficient and effective size.


For underbedding in filter vessels. The media can also be used as media support for any type of media. Gravel covers the hub and lateral system and protects it from getting damaged from hydraulic forces of influent water.


Media Type: Granular

Active Ingredient: Silica

Bed Depth: 18-30

Service Flow rate: 303-5 gpm/ft²

Backwash Flow rate: 15-20 gpm/ft²

Volume: Bulk Density: 100 lbs/ ft³

Lbs of Active Media (per ft3): 100


  • It is made up of robust material that will not deteriorate no matter how often it is used.
  • Certified product by NSF/ANSI standard 61.
  • Disposability is extremely simple.