CC-SX100 Activated Carbon for Desulfurization of Gases


CC-SX100 is an extruded activated carbon exhibiting enhanced adsorption capacity for sulfur compounds such as hydrogen sulfide, light mercaptans and sulfur dioxide. Using a unique process, this product is manufactured using selected renewable raw materials and special binders to obtain a superior hardness. Under the correct operating conditions sulfur loadings of over 70% by weight for hydrogen sulfide removal can be obtained. CC-SX100 is used in a wide range of vapor phase applications, including the removal of hydrogen sulfide in air, bio- and natural gas where sufficient oxygen is present.


CC-SX100 is available in 20 kg (50 lb) bags or 500 kg (1,100 lb) bulk bags. Other sizes available upon request.


• Sulfur loading: 70% w/w
• Pellet diameter: 4 mm
• Bed density: 460 kg/m3


• Apparent density: 490 kg/m3
• Hardness: 99% (min)
• Moisture (as packaged): 2% (max)


The hydrogen sulfide removal capacity of CC-SX100 depends on the operating conditions in which the product is used. For example:

• Volumetric ratio of H2S to O2;
• Operating Pressure;
• Relative Humidity;
• Temperature;
• H2S Concentration;
• Superficial contact time;
• Other key operating parameters

For H2S removal from biogas, optimal results are obtained at following operating conditions:

• Oxygen concentration
o Oxygen concentration should be minimum 2 times the volumetric concentration of H2S
• Relative humidity
o Optimum results are obtained between 50% and 70% RH
o Biogas that is supersaturated with water, such as droplets, should be avoided at all times
• CC-SX100 sulfur loading
o Sulfur loading of more than 70% w/w can be obtained at optimum operating conditions



Wet activated carbon removes oxygen from air, causing a severe hazard to workers inside carbon vessels. Confined space/low oxygen procedures should be put in place before any entry is made. Such procedures should comply with all applicable local, state and federal guidelines.

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