CC-HSCL Impregnated Media


CC-HSCL is used to remove chlorine or chlorine dioxide from air streams. These air streams are typically generated by bleach plants in pulp and paper facilities, chemical, fresh and waste water treatment plants. The chemisorption process responsible for the removal of the pollutant gas occurs with its reaction with sodium thiosulfate. The zeolite substrate is impregnated with no less than 2.40 pounds of sodium thiosulfate per cubic foot. The reaction of sodium thiosulfate with chlorine results in the formation of hydrochloric acid. This media is suitable for use in emergency chlorine-removal air scrubbers.


  • US standard series sieve size: 4 x 8 mesh
  • Substrate: Zeolite
  • Active ingredient: sodium thiosulfate (no less than 2.40 pounds / ft3 )
  • Bulk density: 60 pounds / ft3
  • Moisture content: 15%


60 lb. box or 2,000 lb. bulk bag. Other sizes available upon request.

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