CC-48H2S for Hydrogen Sulfide Removal


CC-48H2S is a domestically produced, renewable wood-based carbon that uses a unique graphene-carbon structure for exceptional adsorptivity. It is an activated carbon that has been specially developed for removal of Reduced Sulfur Compounds (RSCs), like H2S and other VOCs commonly associated with wastewater treatment. CC-48H2S is able to achieve superior adsorption as evidenced by its outstanding H2S removal capacity. In addition, the product is nearly dust-free which leads to better airflow and overall performance.


CC-48H2S is less dense than traditional activated carbon and has a greater removal capacity, leading to a safe, low cost, high performance activated carbon. Effective for adsorbing a wide range of odor causing agents, including Hydrogen Sulfide and Volatile Organic Compounds. It can be used at wastewater treatment plants, pump stations, food production facilities and paper mills to effectively remove odors. It also removes SO2. The low density and product sizing also result in low system pressure drop.


Particle Type: Granular
US standard series sieve size: 4 x 8 mesh
Mean particle size: 4 mm
H2S Breakthrough Capacity (g/cc): 0.15
H2S Removal Capacity (by weight): 59% (min)
Density (lbs/ft3): 18-20


20 lb. box or 750 lb. bulk bag. Other sizes available upon request.

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