Contintental Carbon Group: H2S Treatment Systems

The PHOENIX® system removes airborne H2S in a process of continuous treatment with minimal operator intervention required. It is easily installed, low maintenance and economical, with the capacity to treat H2S levels up to 50ppm and beyond to low/undetectable levels. The key is our patented segmented reactor design that uses water washable carbon in radial flow canisters. Foul air is directed through the carbon canisters where H2S is converted to H2SO4. The automated regeneration process uses water to wash the activated carbon in place, restoring it's capacity for further H2S treatment and extending its life. While one canister's carbon is being washed, the remaining units continue to operate, resulting in virtually no downtime. PHOENIX® is simply the most effective means of removing airborne H2S.

Continental Carbon Group's dedicated and resourceful team includes engineering staff, project managers and field service crew, who work together with our customers to deliver expertise and high quality solutions & services in air and water treatment, including:

  • design and supply of activated carbon odour control systems
  • on-site water treatment systems and services on a temporary basis
  • supply, installation and disposal of filter media
  • filter media change-out services
  • underdrain retrofits

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