Contintental Carbon Group: Granular Activated Carbon Manufacturers

CCG manufactures granular activated carbon (GAC) and other carbon products for use as filter media in removing impurities from air and water. Our products are specially formulated to serve specific purposes. For example, CC-12x40SAW is an activated carbon in granular form that is acid-washed and ideally suited for food grade applications, including treating drinking water. CC-4x8S is also a GAC, but manufactured from coconut shells and functions extremely well for solvent recovery. CC-IPHg also falls into the category of GAC, and also counts coconut shell as its raw material - it also impregnated for the explicit purpose of removing acidic contaminents from gases. This covers but three examples. Our full product line includes over a dozen more varieties of activated carbon. Our knowledgable professionals will recommend the right one for your application.

Continental Carbon Group's dedicated and resourceful team includes engineering staff, project managers and field service crew, who work together with our customers to deliver expertise and high quality solutions & services in air and water treatment, including:

  • design and supply of activated carbon odour control systems
  • on-site water treatment systems and services on a temporary basis
  • supply, installation and disposal of filter media
  • filter media change-out services
  • underdrain retrofits

Review our complete range of services offerings to see that Continental Carbon Group is the only solution for your filtration needs.

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