Contintental Carbon Group: Activated Carbon

Carbon is the earth's most abundant element. Activated carbon is the product we manufacture from select raw materials processed at extreme temperature, to become a powerful adsorbent with a vast internal surface area. It has a unique ability to adsorb a variety of compounds from gases and liquids, making it a highly effective and cost efficient component of air and water treatment systems. We offer a complete range of activated carbon products, each developed for specific applications; for example, CC-Sulfursorb Plus has been specifically developed for removing H2S from air streams, while CC-8x30 is particularly attractive for the removal of organics from wastewater.

Continental Carbon Group's dedicated and resourceful team includes engineering staff, project managers and field service crew, who work together with our customers to deliver expertise and high quality solutions & services in air and water treatment, including:

  • design and supply of activated carbon odour control systems
  • on-site water treatment systems and services on a temporary basis
  • supply, installation and disposal of filter media
  • filter media change-out services
  • underdrain retrofits

Review our complete range of services offerings to see that Continental Carbon Group is the only solution for your filtration needs.

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