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Continental Carbon Group manufactures and supplies activated carbon products for stormwater/groundwater treatment, dewatering activities, odour control systems, H2S scrubbers, and more. Call 905-643-7615 for recommendations to suit your application.

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Carbon is the earth's most abundant element. Activated carbon is the product we manufacture from select raw materials processed at extreme temperature, to become a powerful adsorbent with a vast internal surface area. It has a unique ability to adsorb a variety of compounds from gases and liquids, making it a highly effective and cost efficient component of air and water treatment systems. We offer a complete range of activated carbon products, each developed for specific applications; for example, CC-Sulfursorb Plus has been specifically developed for removing H2S from air streams, while CC-8x30 is particularly attractive for the removal of organics from wastewater.

Our dedicated and resourceful team of engineering, project management and field service staff offers a wide range of products, services and expertise in the water and wastewater treatment industry. This service extends to rentals as well - an ideal solution for temporary needs such as dewatering during construction. Our experienced crew will provide filtration vessels for rent, supply appropriate media, perform change-outs, dispose of spent media, manage the project, and handle onsite setup and operator training, as needed. Contact us today for your next dewatering project.

Continental Carbon Group has expertise in treating water in industrial and municipal settings; our service scope includes everything from designing and supplying complete systems to ongoing change-out and disposal services, and operator training. We even have the technical expertise and project experience to assist you with obtaining a discharge permit for the City of Toronto and other municipalities.

Continental Carbon Group provides complete services for groundwater treatment. If you have a project where remediation of the groundwater is required, contact us. We can manage the process from design to setup & commissioning through ongoing operation & completion. Our group has the expertise and skills to design the system for your specific need, supply the equipment (for rent or purchase) and specialty media, handle change-out and disposal, perform on-site sampling and audits and more.

The PHOENIX® system removes airborne H2S in a process of continuous treatment with minimal operator intervention required. It is easily installed, low maintenance and economical, with the capacity to treat H2S levels up to 50ppm and beyond to low/undetectable levels. The key is our patented segmented reactor design that uses water washable carbon in radial flow canisters. Foul air is directed through the carbon canisters where H2S is converted to H2SO4. The automated regeneration process uses water to wash the activated carbon in place, restoring it's capacity for further H2S treatment and extending its life. While one canister's carbon is being washed, the remaining units continue to operate, resulting in virtually no downtime. PHOENIX® is simply the most effective means of removing airborne H2S.

To control odour emissions from a vent stack, we recommend our SweetVent, available in diameters from 3" to 10" or custom-sized for your needs. This passive odour control system has no moving parts and requires no water or electricity to operate. It uses positive pressure to push air up and through 10 lbs of Centaur HSV activated carbon, which absorbs the compounds and sends clean air into the atmosphere, handling uneven loads with ease. The all plastic system lasts for years; only the carbon needs to be replaced over time. Reliable and cost effective. The same system is available in another format (SweetStreet) to fit sewer manholes.

Our staff have developed and built odour scrubbers using the latest technology and a complete range of carbon media products for industrial and municipal applications. Our systems have included advanced modular designs that treat air flows ranging from 200 CFM to 30,000 CFM and passive products that provide odour scrubbing capability at vent stacks and sewer manholes. Our gas phase units can be constructed vertically or horizontally, or with side access, in stainless steel or aluminum as appropriate to the task. We not only design the system to meet the specific need at your site, but also supply and install the activated carbon for vessel change-outs.

If you have a need for an odor scrubber but have constraints with respect to space, our TITAN® odor control system may be just the prescription. It's revolutionary design allows it to process odors at a much faster velocity than ordinary systems, and requires a footprint only one-half to two-thirds that of equivalent deep bed odor scrubbers. TITAN is ideally suited for municipal wastewater odor control applications such as pump stations and lift stations as well as wastewater treatment plant processes such as headworks, sludge thickeners, and belt press rooms. Read more here.

Contact Continental Carbon Group for all your water treatment and odour control needs, including dewatering, groundwater & stormwater treatment, H2S scrubbers and discharge permits.